The International Youth Travel Fund

The International Youth Travel Fund (IYTF) assists young Subud members  to travel to gatherings, congresses and Subud projects. For those applying to use IYTF for the World congress in 2018, funds will be granted to those who are willing to volunteer on the World Congress staff team. As a staff team member you may also receive discounted meals and or accommodation. 

The fund was set up in 2008 at a World Subud council (WSC) meeting in Bangalore with starting funds from Muhammad Subuh Foundation (MSF). Since then, the fund has been continued by the hard work of Subud Youth from around the world fundraising to keep funds flowing in, and it has been fueled by generous donations from members as well.

The existence of the IYTF has helped over 50 young Subud members to travel to the 2010 Subud World Congress in Christchurch, New Zealand as well as the 2014 Subud World Congress in Puebla, Mexico respectively.

The funds are used to assist with travel costs only and full-funding is generally not provided as we encourage those receiving funding to undertake some fundraising efforts themselves.

As the fund currently relies solely on donations and fundraising efforts by Subud youth, it is an expectation that recipients will make a return financial contribution (whether as repayments or through fund-raising efforts) at some point of their life.

If a financial contribution is difficult to make for the individual who received the grant – he or she can make a contribution to the Subud community by other means, for example: helping out in cleaning the local Subud house, making dinner for their Subud group, volunteering at national or international Subud events and/or taking up a committee roles etc.).

To apply  for the grant and for further details please see the application forms below. Please send completed forms to .

Please note that all applicants must be willing to volunteer in a staff role at the congress. We will contact applicants by the 14th of May 2018 to let you know the amount of financial assistance the IYTF is able to contribute to your congress expenses.
Thank you,
IYTF and the Subud Youth International Team




Click to access iytfappform2018-fr.pdf

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    • Hi Aini,

      Sorry for that – the page has now been updated and you can now access the application forms. Let me know if you have any further trouble.

      Thanks –
      Area 3 Representative (the Americas)

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