Fellowship Fund

The Subud Youth Fellowship is an initiative of the Subud Youth Activities International (SYAI) team. This fellowship will award innovative Subud entrepreneurs under 30 years of age with:

  • Start-up capital up to US$2,000 / amount varies every year
  • If requested: one-on-one mentoring with a mentor matched specifically to the industry, needs and knowledge of the participant, including the potential for a contract drawn up between mentor and entrepreneur, and
  • Marketing, promotion and awareness building through the international Subud Youth networks, where applicable.

Through the Subud Youth Fellowship, SYAI hopes to provide the space and assistance for young Subud members to transform their entrepreneurial, creative and social ideas into functioning projects.

As per Bapak’s guidance on enterprise:

“Part of the brief of the helper/committee dewans (counsels) – center, regional, national, zonal, and international as well as our Affiliates and Wing organisations within their respective fields – is to spur the development of Subud Enterprises by providing leadership.”Eligibility

The goals of the fellowship fund are three-fold:

  • To give young entrepreneurs a year to develop a project that combines their intellect and inner guidance to bring the principles of Susila, Budhi and Dharma into practice;
  • To foster the development of organisational practices that employ the grounding and guidance of the latihan; and
  • To support the connection of the enterprise with the Subud organisation and general membership through promotion.

To be eligible for the Subud Youth Fellowship, you need not have a money making business or a long term financial plan. Your project might be short term, it might not raise any funds at all (however, raising funds should be one of the aims), it might be creative in its nature or it could be a social project. What is most important is that the three goals of the fellowship (above) are met in your project, regardless of the intended outcome.

Thank you for your interest in applying for the Subud Youth Fellowship.  It is motivated, creative individuals like you that can and will change the way the world works, and we want to help you on your way!

To apply, please answer the questions below to the fullest extent possible.  Direct all enquiries to: