SYAI (Subud Youth Activities International) is the team that represents the Youth of the WSA (World Subud Association) on the WSC (World Subud Council). The same geographical Areas for the IH’s (International Helpers) are used in relation to SYAI, ideally with a male and female representative for each Area. SYAI exists to support Youth activities (gatherings, projects and enterprises) to develop and achieve communications and networking between Subud Youth and WSC and vice versa. SYAI is also responsible for management of the IYTF (International Youth Travel Fund). The SYAI also supports and assists in the management of Yes Quest and Human Force.

The current SYAI team is working hard on specific projects (e.g. Basara gathering) and plans for World Congress in Bonn, Germany. Read on for more about who they are and their personal interests and goals and feelings about Subud.

Please note that the blogs language is English because most of us speak English. If you need help translating content of the blog, please ask someone to help you in your group, use translating tools such as google translate or email us – you can find our contact details under the “contact us” link 🙂

Meet The Team

3 areas, 7 youth representatives and 1 team coordinator

George Demers

  • Area 1, 2, 3 (Team coordinator)

Davina Flynn

  • Area 1 (Asia & the Pacific)



My name is Davina. I’m 22 years old, and I’m the international youth Rep for Area 1. My fellow Area 1 Rep, Rahman Schionning, fell in love and moved to America! But we work on a range of activities and contacts within our area together.

A little bit about me; I love my Subud Youth International Role, because it provides me with a platform to connect with young people all around the world. Since stepping into my role at the World Congress in Puebla 2015, I’ve already been able to attend the Australian National Congress, the World Council Meeting in Santiago, Chilé, and made a trip to Wisma Subud in Jakarta Indonesia to work with the youth there in developing the working plan for Basara International Youth Camp 2016. Please see the Facebook page for Basara and stay tuned for updates and a website coming soon!

In the meantime, get involved in your local group and perhaps connect with some youth in your area or country and plan an event to fundraise for the IYTF (International Youth Travel Fund), or create your own fund and build it up to get to Basara next year! Kalimantan will be the location, and the program will be one not to miss. I look forward to connecting with more of you and working towards our camps and congresses, and especially World Congress in Germany 2018!

With love, Davina


Rahman Schionning

  • Area 1 (Asia & the Pacific)


Hi Guys,

I’m Rahman Schionning. I like stuff. Especially fast stuff, outdoors stuff, and technical stuff. Growing up, my family was all about Subud. I’ve been open since I was 17, so about 13 years now! I’ve been a helper for 9 years and my only previous committee role was as the bookkeeper for Subud Australia. Did you know, bookkeeping is the only word in the English language with 3 double letters in a row? Since Puebla, I’m now part of the awesome SYAI team. You can call me SYAI co-representative for Area 1 for short.

Since Puebla 2014 my life has changed all over again for the second time. I went from living on a boat in a river near Newcastle, Australia, to getting married to a gorgeous California girl whom I met at congress. So now I co-represent Area 1, or the Asia/Pacific region from the Iran to Japan and New Zealand, from a couch in Orange County.


Rhyana Blakeley

  • Area 2 (UK, Europe & Africa)

Rhyana blog


I am Rhyana, I am 37 and From England. As a child my family moved a lot so I don’t have a real base or home town. I have lived in Pakistan, Portugal and Spain as well as the UK. I am a subud child, and spent a lot of my time in the UK at family based gatherings. After i was opened I became more aware of how different things were for subud children and young members in other countries. This is what lead me to get involved with SYA and then SYAI. I studied a degree in theatre and a MA looking at how Theatre could help communities move on from conflict.

I recently trained as a YES QUEST facilitator and would like to move more into using creativity to help people move forward in their lives. I am currently working as a English as a foreign language teacher.

I believe SYA is the future of Subud and if subud continues and how subud continues to grew depends on the younger members and future members. This is the time for us to learn from and work with those with more experience.

Marcus Vagany

  • Area 2 (UK, Europe & Africa)
Hey all!
I am Marcus and my given name is Barnabas. I use both 😉

I’m a psychology graduate and I completed my degree in Scotland. Great place, rains a lot :p (just go with the vibe if you ever end up there!).

I’m based in Budapest, Hungary at the moment. I love sports and do some of them on regular basis, such as crossfit, swimming and some martial arts. I enjoy travelling, nature, jumping into the water from heights, snowboarding, warm baths, hanging out with new and old friends, watching a movie in my taste, a party, reading, chilling, playing games and so on.

For me being in Subud is really about having the blessing of the latihan as well as feeling that IT IS just AMAZING to be able to travel around the world and meet new people who you can relate to like family in an instance.

Hope to stay in touch with all of you!

Zuleika Kodama Pevec

  • Area 3 (North & South America)
Hello Friends!
I am Zuleika. I am a third generation Subud member, opened at the Spokane World Congress. Although I tend to shy away from “official” roles and prefer to focus on the latihan, I felt strongly at the Puebla World Congress that it was time to get involved! I have reaped many of the benefits of my brothers’ and sisters’ hard work as a young member and very much look forward to participating and giving back. I am excited to see so many young people accessing available resources through SYAI and hope to help grow this important wing of the WSA. I am one of the youth reps for Area 3, the Americas, and currently live in Carbondale, CO, USA


Konrad Muñoz

  • Area 3 (North & South America)

Arif Rivero

  • Area 3 (North & South America)


Hola herman@s,

My name is Arif, I’m 32 years old and come from Mexico. I have been in Subud for 8 years now. During this time I´ve got the opportunity to collaborate in different roles, such as Treasurer, local Chair, National CC and now as part of the International Subud Youth Coordinators in Area 3. SYAI is an extraordinary opportunity for all youth members to get to know the WSA and feel part of it. It’s a learning process which I found very important for our development as individuals but also as organization.

My message to you all is: “Get involved, no matter in which way, but get involved… you don’t know how much you’re missing!”

Saludos a todos!


2 responses to “About

  1. Hi All!
    I am a Subud member of of Austria and I
    want to tell you that I like the way how
    you introduced yourself.
    I wish you a blessed working together!
    .. and a lot of fun!
    I have to kids and I will show them the the SYAI Homepage.
    Love to all of you

    • Hello!

      Thank you for your kind words and glad you enjoyed the blog spot! Hopefully we will have more articles posted on it soon.
      Best wishes,
      SYAI Team

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