Thank You George

This is the SYAI teams good bye to George Demers who passed away January of 2017. George held the role as SYAI coordinator and he will be missed by all.

To our dearest George,
The team has been overwhelmed by your loss, and we have all felt the various colours of grief and sadness over the past few days.

It has been difficult to grasp that we will be without your sunny, smiling face and your always eloquent advice. But the softness, love and playfulness that you exuded in beams of beautiful, shining light, leave a remarkable and unforgettable imprint on us all.

You have been a source of strength, confidence and guidance for us, and most of all you have been a loving and generous friend. The legacy that you leave behind for us is your devotion to Subud Youth, and we will commit our hard work and future endeavours for Subud to your memory.

We know you wouldn’t only want to be spoken about in solemn words – so we would also like to let you know that you made the ghastly Skype meeting timezone mishaps a hilarious experience… Thank you for always sacrificing your own sleep over ours!

Finally, we feel happiness that you are making your journey as a complete human being. We wish, hope and pray that you are being surrounded by peace and all of God’s immeasurable love and grace.

We love you very much George, and we will miss you dearly. Thank you for being a soulmate to all of us.

With all of our love,
Davina, Rhyana, Marcus, Arif, Konrad, Zuleika, Rahman and Robi
-Your devoted SYAI Team

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