The Subud Youth Blog International is Back!

Ready to ReLaunch!

Hi and welcome!

Yes you, You who is reading this – welcome to the Subud Youth International Activities Blog spot where we, the Subud youth international youth team (please click “about the SYAI” link) will try to give you the latest Subud news, information about upcoming events and also information about what the Subud youths are up to world wide.

You can also find information about the International Youth Travel Fund (IYTF – please click)

How to donate to the IYTF (click here)

You can find other useful links to Subud site by clicking here. More information about the different wings and projects will follow.

Please, feel free to contribute with more news, Subud happenings and information or personal stories to the blog (please click the “contribute” link)!

Hats of to You because this blog spot would not esxist without an audience reading it! BRAVO! Please visit us online again – Godspeed!

The SYAI team, 2014 – 2018

the team 2014

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