World Congress: Get in the Know

Are you coming to World Congress?

Have you contemplated coming?

SYAI is here to support you to get to World Congress and keep you in the loop as well 🙂 Click on this flyer for more information….


World Congress



If you are coming to World Congress and want to help spread the word about how others can get there or you to organise some fundraising so others can attend please sign up as a World Congress Ambassador  (WelcomeAmbassadors_Oct2013) If you want to be an instant help please forward a link to this blog and tell people why you are planning on going!

Do not forget that early bird registrations close on the 30th of November so head to and register!

We are working on the program for world congress for youth …. what do you want to see and do while you are at congress?

Please let us know,

with love,


the SYAI team

Alex, Lucinda, Marcus & Roland



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