Zone 4 Meeting: April 30 – May 5 in Wolfsburg, Germany. Be there!

Read the message below from Elsa van Amern and the Zone 4 gathering organizing team.  This is coming up fast, and you should go!  Cheap accommodations available.  See the website for more information.

Come to the Zone 4 gathering, April 30 to May 5, 2013!

Come to the Zone 4 gathering, April 30 to May 5, 2013!

Hi, everyone!

We hereby kindly invite you to the 2013 Zone 4 meeting, taking place from April 30th until May 5th in Wolfsburg, Germany!


Maybe you know about it, maybe you don’t – Subud in the world is divided into zones.  Germany is in Zone 4, along with 24 (!) other countries.  An awesome zone, as it unites so many different countries, some of which actually have a heavy history and/or reality with each other, including: Finland, Lithuania, Latvia, Russia, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Cyprus, Greece, Germany, Israel, Turkey, Lebanon, Austria, Hungary, Switzerland, Poland, Serbia, Croatia, Romania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Czech Republic, Ukraine, Moldova.

A meeting among all these countries sounds a bit much, but is actually quite simple: it just makes it easier to meet across borders once a year and helps to simplify the communication within Subud groups/countries and the organisation of Subud matters.

Each year the delegates from many of those countries meet to talk about the needs, hopes, wishes, problems and prospects in their countries and the Zone, but also to get things started and moving, such as projects beyond country borders.  The meeting also covers anything that comes up organically, allowing members/groups to share their experiences and providing a space for them to collaborate on projects, enterprises, international summer programs, snow camps, gatherings, or other kinds of programs.

In addition to those delegates, you’ll always see some “attendees” coming along.  Young and old people always look forward to such “Mini-World-Congresses” and are  keen to (re)discover the hosting country and its inhabitants.


There are cheap (yet comfortable) accommodations available for people on a budget.

There are cheap (yet comfortable) accommodations available for people on a budget.

No need to be “opened” or to practice the Latihan, friends and members from the wider “Subud family” are warmly welcome. Only important thing to keep in mind is:

To relax, be curious to what or who might cross your way, and enjoy the time 😉

Maybe someone could bring along his/her musical instrument, so people start jammin’;

Someone else’s creativity might burst forth and a tremendous mural project gets under way;

Others might just want to have fun playing volleyball, swimming, wakeboarding, bowling, going to the climbing park, doing pantomime and theatre, playing board games, giving massages, going to the Phaeno Science Center – and so on!

There’ll be time to talk to (Subud) people, to ask questions, and to participate in workshops and meetings (Enterprise venue, Zone4Peace, etc.).  Peter Jenkins will introduce the Creative Quest especially for young people, taking place in Kalimantan, Indonesia, in August this year.   We’d like to generate some fundraising for the International Youth Travel Fund so young folks can make it to the 2014 World Congress in Mexico.  We hope you bring along your own great ideas, but mainly: There’ll be time for you and what you want!

Do feel welcome and invited to come along, to be our guest, just come as you are, and be part of this! True to the motto: Feel free to have a good time!

Stay tuned,

Your Zone 4 Meeting Organising Team

PS: for more information check out:

or contact our German youth coordinator Helena Willecke at

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