YES what? QUEST who? CREATIVE where?

mexicanYES Quest… heard of it? Maybe yes, maybe no. Doesn’t matter, because you are about to know all you need to know to get excited about it. Are you ready? Do you need to get a cup of tea first? Maybe a biscuit? No? OK, here we go.

Ever been a young person? I have! And you have too… go on, admit it! You might even be one right now!!! It seems that there are a few things that are common to young people the world over. Questions like, what am I going to do for a job? How do I take the next step in life? Who am I really, underneath all the surface stuff, and what am I capable of? What are my talents, my weaknesses and how do they both affect me? Does my bum really look big in these pants? Does it matter if it does?

So after some not so young folks realised that lots of Subud youth had these kinds of questions, they developed the YES Quest, and it has now been running for 10 years. Set in geographically stunning locations (Indonesia, outback Australia, rural France etc), these two week programs help young folks to get stuck in and take a good hard look at what is under the hood (that’s a mechanics analogy, not referencing someone that always where’s hoodies!) But describing it in words is hard, so just watch this movie … it will show you exactly what it’s all about.

So in August of 2013, we are running a new format of the YES Quest… a Creative Quest. This program will bring 15 youth from around the globe together in Rungan Sari, Indonesia with the aim of developing and fostering a creative idea they have that will end up being taken to World Congress in Mexico 2014. It doesn’t matter what your idea is, whether it is a creative project, a social enterprise, a community program… as long as you are utilising your talents and can bring it to Mexico in 2014, get on board!!! It’s about giving young Subud folks the opportunity to take the brilliant things in their mind and turn them into a reality! And at the end of it all you get to share it with thousands of other Subud people’s… how rad is that!!! The program will give you a plan and provide you with the tools to make sure that you don’t trip yourself up along the way, or if you do, it will help you to pick yourself up again and get back on the horse (that’s another analogy… or is it a metaphor? I always get mixed up with those two… either way, you don’t have to ride horses to join the Creative Quest… but you can if you want)!

If you’re keen, you can talk to Roland ( to get more info, or if you want an application form (go on, you know you want to!) just email Silvana at

Rad things are happening… get amongst it!

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