Creative Quest 2013

EV 4 QuestersThe Creative Quest – Kalimantan, August 2013

The YES Quest has become like a rite of passage for many young people in Subud. For eleven years its been assisting young people to: explore their purpose and path in life; connect with other young people in Subud and have an initiation into independence and self direction. It is an opportunity for young Subud folks to dive head first into themselves, their lives and their future direction.

In 2013, we are going to do things a little bit differently, with a Creative Quest being held in Kalimantan from August 15 – 25. As well as the usual focus on self development and discovery, the focus will be for participants to develop creative projects that will then be realised at the Subud World Congress in Mexico in 2014. Whether you want to put on a dance show, host an exhibition, make a film documenting life in your home town (or any town for that matter), create a cookbook, record an album, write a play, direct a choir, produce a massive performance event… as long as it’s creative, the Creative Quest will help you bring it into reality!

Now one massive problem for most young people (most people regardless of age really) is that little old thing called money. You might think that getting to Indonesia and paying for this program would be too expensive for you. BUT YOU’D BE WRONG!!! We are working with National Subud Councils to get them to sponsor the registration fees for the program (we already have 8 sponsored spots available to people in the Asian Zone!!!). Not only that, but the International Youth Travel Fund (IYTF) can help you cover some of your airfares as well.

Long story short, if you want to come, we will get you there!!!!!

Do you want to come and join in? email to request an Expression Of Interest Form, head to for more info and watch this to make you smile!

This is going to be an amazing experience, come and get involved!


The Subud Youth / YES Quest teams

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