Introducing Lucinda i.e Elephants, education and SYAI.

Hello World!

I am into cooking (esp baking), reading, study, laughing, sunshine, music, pretty dresses, the ocean, movies, education, social justice and human rights. All that is fairly broad and generic but you get an idea of me I guess? I’m also pretty obsessed with purple things and elephants (picture below provides verification of love for elephant and elephant related things).


Mosaic elephant in Melbourne

A little about me… I grew up in country Victoria, Australia. I have a complicated family tree, ask me about it sometime! I moved to the big city (Melbourne) when I was 18 and studied health and teaching in my undergraduate. Along the way I meet some Subud folk (there is another story there!) and was opened in 2005.

In 2008 I was very blessed to teach at the Subud school in Kalimantan, Bina Cita Utama and to live in Rungan Sari during that year. After Kalimantan I ended up in Christchurch where I helped out with the World Congress in 2010. I got tested in for the role of Area 1 Youth Rep at that congress. I then moved back to Australia, worked for a bit and then spent two years doing my masters of social work.

From my studies and lifes experiences (thus far) I truly believe that so many of the problems in the world can be solved through Education and community development strategies. I’m passionate about social enterprise as a way of truly changing the world for the better. I feel like I have a bubble of amazingness to release into the world through my work and I’m working on being patient while this is prepared šŸ™‚

Now that my studies are done I have a lot more time and energy available for my SYAI work and I hope to connect with many more youth in Area 1 by visiting them before World Congress . I am also dedicated to IYTF and getting a huge amount of youth to Puebla in 2014.

My vision for Subud Youth as a whole is that everyone feels included and empowered to be involved or active if they so desire. I really feel that the way to achieve this is through providing and receiving information. Hence why I think this blog is so awesome (!) and why I am on face book on the IYTF and other pages/groups so much.

I find that this SYAI work is a lot like latihan actually. Sometimes it’s hard to go or be motivated but when I am regular I feel energised and centred and truly blessed! I look forward to hearing from you all and sharing more with you!



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